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B & I Computer Consultants, Inc. specialize in the design and development of center management, contact management, and sales management software for businesses.

In addition to our predeveloped solutions, we can also develop purely custom software based on your specifications and needs. In fact, we base new products on custom solutions that we create for our clients.

Our software is unique because we develop solutions that are simple to use, are intuitive, and are focused on specific business needs. Our software prices are extremely competitive, and in most cases substantially less expensive than other software products with similar features. Plus, for selected networked systems, you can get a truly customized product and only have to pay for the additional development time to incorporate your needs in addition to the base software product. This option can save you time and money, while giving you all of the benefits of a custom designed system.

"After owning two other contact management programs which were difficult to learn and use, I have now been using Contact Sage Pro for Insurance and Investments for over a year and find the system to be the easiest to learn and use in my practice. I had just about given up on finding a good system until Contact Sage Pro came along. All my data is in one place that is easy to access, update and use on a day-to-day basis. I wish I would have found this system before I spent the money and wasted my time with the other systems." Robert N. - CLU, ChFC, CRC

"I just received your Childcare software and I love it. It is perfectly designed for what I need." Jackie C.

"I have found the Childcare Sage Software Program to very functional and versatile. In my previous center I used another program which was considerably more expensive, and I have found the Childcare Sage is more user-friendly, and it is a fraction of the price. My favorite part of the Childcare Sage product is the customer service. I would very highly recommend this program." Amy W.

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