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B & I Computer Consultants, Inc was started in January 2001 to develop unique business software and to provide consulting services to develop customized applications. The mission of our company is to develop simple to use, intuitive, powerful, and easily portable business applications.

We have chosen to keep our development team relatively small so that we could develop and expand new and innovative products without getting bogged down in the beaurocracy and red tape that hinders innovation and improvement at most software companies. Our clients have reaped the benefit of this approach through improvements to our software and customized options that have made them more productive and improved their businesses.

B & I Computer Consultants was started by Bill Jacobs and Inessa Jacobs who designed the core components for the initial software products.  Bill Jacobs holds a masters of Software Engineering from the University of Maryland and dual bachelors degrees from the University of Maryland in Business and Electrical Engineering. Inessa Jacobs holds a masters of Technical Management from the University of Maryland and a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland.  Both Mr. Jacobs and Mrs. Jacobs adhere to the high standards of program development as outlined by the Software Engineering Institute.

We are proud to be joined by a team of highly capable developers and support people that not only improve our products, but also help our users with any questions they might have about our programs. Our support is not farmed out to outside companies who hire persons to read from manuals. We understand that our users can read manuals on their own, and are calling us because the answer to their question is not in the manuals, guides, or tutorials that we provide.

We feel that many companies are not using software that meets all of their needs because purely custom software is far out of their reach. The billable time needed to produce a custom application from the ground up is high, and therefore the cost is also high.  Most commercially available software packages are designed to appeal to the largest segment of the business community.  These packages incorporate features that certain businesses will never use and leave out features that other businesses need.  That is why B & I Computer Consultants can customize our predeveloped solutions on a company basis for selected network versions.

We hope that the potential B & I Computer Consultants customer reading this description realizes the benefit of the approach that B & I Computer Consultants take to programming and our products.

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