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We specialize in developing business applications. In addition to selling our unique software solutions, we can also develop custom software from scratch.

The process that we will follow in developing custom software from scratch is identical to the process used to develop our unique software products.  Because our focus is always the needs of the customer, there will be extensive interaction between us and you.  This interaction involves needs and requirements gathering and analysis, a concept of operations if warranted, and predetermined periodic updates and reviews of the software development progress.  We believe that all software development projects should follow these processes, not only to ensure that your needs are met, but also to reduce incorrect or unnecessary assumptions that force projects to come in overbudget and over schedule.

Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, your satisfaction.  Our growth depends on it. Whether you decide to purchase our software solutions, request enhancements or updates to our software solutions, or contract with us to develop software from scratch, you should rest assured that we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

Bill Jacobs, President.

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