We create software products customized for different industries which are based on our own proprietary contact management system.

ChildCare Sage is a complete, easy to use system to operate any childcare center or preschool.
DayCare Sage is a complete, easy to use system to operate any small childcare center.
DropInCare Sage is a complete, easy to use system to operate any drop in childcare center.
Contact Sage Pro is a complete solution for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents.

Our products are far easier to use, offer more features, and are considerably more cost effective than our competition.

Please click on a product above to learn more about the product and to view screenshots, videos, and complete manuals for the products.

The Microsoft Access Advantage

All of our software is designed to be easy to use and powerful. As with any management software, our systems are comprised of two parts. The hidden database which stores the information (Microsoft Access), and the user interface which lets you use that information (Contact/Childcare/Daycare/Retail Sage).

All of these software products are written in and use Microsoft Access.  Microsoft Access was chosen because it by far the most used database in the world, it is powerful and flexible, and it is Microsoft's premier database for small to mid-sized businesses. Other Microsoft Access advantages include:

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft Office programs including Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • Almost universal compatibility on Microsoft Windows computers, meaning that if Microsoft Windows works on your computer, so will our systems.
  • Stability and speed because it was designed to be used on Microsoft Windows based systems.
  • Compactness and efficiency allowing all of our systems to be easily backed up
  • Many features such as synchronization and networking built in (other systems charge hundreds of dollars for each of these features.)
  • No programming or Microsoft Access skills necessary because you only use our intuitive user interface.
If your system does not have Microsoft Access 2002/XP or newer installed on it, we include free versions of Microsoft Access 2002/XP and 2010 Runtimes.

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