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Downloading Software

All new software orders purchased online are available for immediate download. Approved purchase orders faxed to us are available for download the same day that we receive the fax, and orders paid for by paper check and mailed to us are available for download the same day we receive the order.

Shipped Software

We ship out a Software Package via USPS First Class mail for selected products after payment is completed or we receive an approved purchase order. All payments by check may be subject to a 5-7 business day delay while checks clear. All software is usually mailed out within 48 hours of the completed payment, and most users receive the software within 3 business days of us mailing it out.

All software order shipments include the software product on CD-Rom or DVD, an installation booklet, and the software's serial number. The serial numbers themselves are always send in a sealed, tamper proof, green envelope.


All of our software comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, and will work for 30 days before it must be registered. After your purchase, we mail you your Software Package which includes the software on CD-Rom / DVD, an installation booklet, and the software's serial number in a separate, sealed green envelope. To use the software beyond 30 days from when you install it, you will need to open the separate sealed green envelope. Once the serial number envelope is opened, no refunds will be given. Additionally, if you request the serial number by email or through phone support, there will be no refunds given once the serial number is given to you. Please keep in mind that the custom work that we do specifically for your business is not refundable and will be charged for according to our pricing sheets.

In the unlikely event that you want to return our software, simply contact us by phone or email to get an RMA number, write the RMA number on the outside of the software package, make sure the software package includes the software product CD-Rom and the sealed and unopened green serial number envelope, and return the entire software package to us postmarked within 60 days of the purchase date. We will issue a credit as soon as we get the software package back.

We will only accept a software product return if the software package is returned to us and postmarked within 60 days of the purchase date, the serial number envelope has not been opened, and that you have a valid RMA number written on the outside of the package. Returns that lack an RMA number, contain an opened serial number envelope, or that are postmarked after 60 days from the purchase date, will be sent back to you.

Our return rate is very low, and usually our software is returned because the user couldn't figure something out and didn't bother to call us for help. Please keep in mind that our support staff is available to assist you in installing, configuring, and using our software. Our support staff can be reached by phone or email, whichever you prefer during support hours (M-F 9am-5pm EST), and our product forums are always available.

Please send any questions regarding our return policy to sales@bandisoftware.com.

Support and New Version Updates

All other software products come with our Support Package that includes 1 year of phone, online, and email support and 1 year of new version updates from the initial purchase date. Support includes unlimited help with installing, setting up, and using our software and free updates to all new versions of our software released during the support period.

If you let your support expire and you need support, support is charged on a per issue/call basis of $65. Alternatively, you can repurchase the software at 50% of the retail price, which will get you the newest version along with the standard support package that is included with all new purchases.

We strongly recommend that you renew your annual support package to keep your software current and to also get free unlimited help and support when you need it. Keep in mind that our purchased software will continue to work indefinately regardless of whether you renew your support package.

Our systems can interface with other programs from Microsoft Office, Image Viewer Programs, and other applications. Aside from networking, which is included in our Support w/networking Package, we cannot provide support for software that we did not create. Please direct all support questions about outside programs to the developers of those programs.

Custom Development

For any custom development, we can either charge a fixed fee for the project or we can charge by the hour. For fixed fee projects, we agree on the length of time required to complete your request and the cost before work begins. As such, half is due before work begins and the remaining half is due upon delivery of the new software. For projects charged by the hour, an initial deposit that covers 25% of the project estimate is due before work begins, and the remainder is due as work is performed on a set schedule.  

Errors / Bugs

We make every attempt to keep our users satisfied with our products. We thoroughly test every product before it is released. After we test the product, we give a limited number of that product to users and elicit their feedback. We release our products only after they have proven to be useful, stable, and according to our knowledge error/bug free.

However, because of the myriad of functions within our products, there is a small possibility that an error will make it into the production version of our products. We ask our users to inform us of any issues that arise out of the use of our products. These issues can include suggestions, recommendations, error reports, or new functions that the user would like to see in future versions of our products. All of our products can be simply and effortlessly upgraded to the latest version of that package without any data loss. If one of our users reports a critical error in our product, we immediately resolve that error and make the corrected software available for download on our website. We then e-mail update instructions to all of our users that use that product and are currently registered for support. Non-critical errors are corrected in the next release of that product.


We make every effort to assist our users in keeping their information safe. Our backup program allows our users to easily backup and store their data. Because our products are written in Microsoft Access 2002/XP, there should be no compatibility issues with Windows operating systems. That being said, hard drives crash and computers break. By using our products, our users agree that our liability is limited to replacing our software on CD-Rom / DVD only. We are not responsible for lost data, time and effort required to re-enter data, or anything else except replacing our software. 

Software Piracy

Software piracy is an important issue to us. Our revenue and growth depends on users of our products purchasing those products. Because all software can be duplicated and distributed without reimbursing the creator and owner of that software, we cannot ensure that all users of our products have purchased those products. Unauthorized users of our products will not receive any support and will further be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

Our products help professionals make sales and earn money. We hope that users of our products see their value and do the right thing.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell or offer any information about our clients/users to any outside parties. We do occassionally ask current users to provide testimonials.

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